Saturday, May 28, 2011

Faucet Snake Update

Just as I was starting to let my guard down (isn't that always the way), I reached for my second cup of coffee this morning and Faucet Snake was stretched out in the dish drain.

I promptly started my pep talk, directed half to myself, half to Faucet Snake.  I told him I wasn't afraid of him, and he flicked his tongue at me.  I put on a thick pair of winter gloves, then stood in front of the dish drain and tried to talk myself into picking him up.  I also readied my plastic container if he went into the sink, although naturally I couldn't find the top.

Did I mention that hubby was at work for weekend duty while this was going on?

We looked at each other.  I babbled.  He listened.  Finally he turned and slithered behind the sugar bowl, behind the coffee maker (although at least this time I did make a half-hearted grab for him), and behind the counter, exactly where I didn't want him to go.  Again.

So, at this point, we know:

1)  He is not interested in finding a way out of the house;
2)  He seems to be staying in the same place;
3)  I am a complete weenie for not grabbing him this time.

Now I'm MAD.  Not at him, at myself.  And being mad at myself is often what fuels me into action.

I say that now.  Let's see if I can actually grab him next time.

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  1. Here I thought we were going to read about your pull out faucet sprayer thingy. (But this was much more interesting.)